What Is The Best Hotel Strategy To Increase Occupancy and Revenue? How To Differentiate Yourself?

Accurately what is the best hotel technique to increase occupancy and revenue? Just how can we differentiate yourself to compete with other big hotel competitors? Whistler hotels

When ever I opened my first Boutique Hotel I performed not have any preceding experience in the hotel industry. The only experience I had fashioned with hotels emerged from becoming a guest in hotels myself. I performed not study hospitality management neither. So what performed I actually do to get running? I contacted a specialist and asked him for help. The consultant wished to charge more than $10K for only 3 months, and so My spouse and i chosen to do all the marketing by myself. 

In this article is how I began:

I contacted the On-line Travel Agencies – HOURS, Booking and Expedia. I actually invest the information about my hotel together: pictures, facilities, amenities, the hotel’s location, the, distances to specific attractions from the hotel, normal prices and trade fares prices. I actually completed each mandatory OTA training and finalized the contracts. When my hotel was on the OTAs I immediately received concerns. That was pretty amazing. Therefore, I want to emphasize to hoteliers as well as apartment owners, that it is necessary to be bookable on the key OTAs on the net. My spouse and i must admit that without being on these pointed out OTAs my team and i also would not have served as much friends as we have in the last years. Mainly because soon as you get in touch with your guests, it will depend on you if you can gain them as regular friends or not. That has to do with providing the best service you can imagine. Your goal ought to be to make guests remember you for your service, quality, kindness, home-feeling, uniqueness and attentiveness. Make sure that your guests leave your accommodations satisfied. Additionally, We are by using a self-made “Guest Come Back Card” as a Honors / Stage program. At Check-Out, We are providing guests a GCBC. If a customer has visited us 10 different times, they get some discount on their next stay. The “GCBC” is a cheap substitute to an expensive “Point-Program. ” This GCBC is merely a good example; you provides one free night as a surprise as well. At Check-Out, we ask guests, almost all of time, if an additional reservation is required. This strategy brings about many repeating concerns. While you are requesting this question, it is a good approach to refer to the features of booking at the very moment. (lower price than on OTAs, rooms availability, room-choice, and so forth ) In the event that you notice that several of your regular guests are generally not coming back, then call them and ask them why. It is essential that you find out what occurred; so as to immediately eliminate any issues. Tell them that you want to offer them the best service they can find in your town and that you are eager to make a change forever. Do not beg them to return, but show them that you caution and that you would wish to see them again. Another strategy we like to use, is to contact companies that are close by. Many companies near us have regular seminars or events. Occasionally, some companies are just not aware that a hotel is near them. Due to that simple fact, you will need to get these companies’ attention. One common answer that you usually find to the question of this post is: Apply to more OTAs and your occupancy will increase automatically. Well, I actually do not believe this answer. A couple of months ago, I applied to an additional OTA and after a few days my hotel has been on the system. Over some months I actually received 8 to twelve bookings via this port. Therefore, adding new OTAs to your existing OTAs is not always the perfect solution is to more reservations. Obviously, being on various OTA platforms has advantages, and it definitely increases your visibility. Having high presence is key to your success. Nevertheless, consider that being on many OTAs means that you need to get more time to maintain your extranets.

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