Another Exciting Health Niche – Natural Products For the Ethnic Market

Cultural minorities in America, usually a comparatively neglected segment in some markets, present a huge opportunity for marketers of natural health products. Here are three ways you can be part of this growth market:

1 ) Address the differing health issues of different races. Marketing digital para area Medica

Nonwhites are disadvantaged by most procedures of health and well being. For example:

–Black women have about a 60 per cent higher risk of center disease than white women.
–Blacks and other ALL OF US minorities face greater intestines cancer risks than white wines.
–Diabetes rates for Latinos and blacks in Mis Angeles County were practically double the rates for whites and Asians/Pacific Islanders in 2005, according to Los Angeles County Office of Public Health administrators.

Traditional health services have not been adequately receptive to the needs of these groups. Of course, serious health problems should be managed by a doctor. Yet, natural health products have an natural part in prevention and maintenance, and this market is wide open to specialized attention to hispanics.

installment payments on your Grab this beautiful opportunity: beauty items for nonwhites.

According to Anupreeta Dieses in a Reuters article, “As the scale and spending power of minorities in the United States develop, beauty businesses are creating new lines of shampoos and skin-care products directed at African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic women…. [A] bevy of modern models have been chosen to promote new products by companies which may have customarily targeted white women and their beauty concerns. Industry analysts say the strategy is a long lasting trend that could drive growth across the many fashion and beauty segments. inches

As We discuss in my article “5 Reasons Why the Natural Health Market Wants to Target Women, inches the pure beauty products industry is booming. With drawbacks to traditional beauty items that include high cost and chemical sensitivities, natural beauty products are a welcome solution. The options include hair products, skincare products, spa products, and drinking makeup, among others. Any individual wanting to find a lucrative niche in the natural health market should seriously explore this one.

3. Tailor your marketing materials speak to many different ethnicities.

Simply reworking your web and print materials to deal with the special needs and concerns of different ethnicities will allow you to tap into this market. For example:

–Create tailored websites, autoresponders, and ads.
–Feature associates of various ethnicities in your graphic images.
–Offer educational and informational products that address the needs of each group.

With fraction populations anticipated to grow, and with their increasing economical status, this is where natural health products companies will need to be–marketing to hispanics.

Make sure to team up with a copywriter who’s ardent about the natural health business!

Lisa J. Lehr is a freelance writer specializing in direct response and marketing collateral, with a particular interest in the health, pets, specialty foods, and inspirational/motivational/self-help niches. The girl has a degree in biology, has worked in a variety of domains including pharmaceuticals and educating, and has volunteered for many causes including special-needs kids and literacy. Once she’s not writing, your woman enjoys reading, art, music, outdoor exercise, and all things Celtic and Renaissance.

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