Video Marketing – So Hot Right Now

Advertising clips: Efficient and Effective

Online video Marketing is probably the most effective marketing strategy that you could use right now. Think about it: customers can see and hear what their product or service is about. video marketing agency

This works especially well when there are some things you want to describe or demonstrate about your service or product, or if you wish to speak a personal message to your potential clients. 

In the event you’ve seen the potency of online video marketing in action and definitely would like to get amidst it, but lack skills, software, equipment or time, then you can always delegate this to a well-priced Video Marketing firm, if possible the one that has a variety of good testimonials.

Online video Email Marketing is the newest old-school Direct Mail

A video e-mail marketing marketing campaign is in some ways the same principal as old fashioned direct email – a private delivery of your message right into your customer’s inbox, for them to read at home or work, at a time that’s convenient to them.

However online video email marketing uses new technology to speed, power, and automate delivery – plus provide more information in the form of music and moving images plus text – that is available just using plain printed direct marketing.

Video Testimonials

These days and nights, it’s simply not a testimonial unless 2 several weeks. video testimonial. People ended trusting those non-video customer feedback on websites long back – they’re too easy to fake.

However, a good video testimonial offers the all-important social substantiation – proof that the actual human has recently been happy with the product or service they are endorsing.

The internet has been all about interpersonal proof and peer testimonials today, specially since everyone has got used to Web 2. 0 properties and uses them like mad. (think Facebook, Forums, MySpace, LinkedIn, and so forth )

YouTube: the new search-engine

Google is still leading, sure, but Facebook is #2, and YouTube is #3 – though they can change places on any given day.

And as Vimeo is actually a search engine in it’s own right, it’s worth just as much time concentrating on YouTube in your home page’s SEO (search engine optimization) efforts as it is to concentrate on Yahoo, since people are spending a whole lot time on Vimeo these days.

And it is growing! (no wonder Google bought YouTube… ) Video SEO has even got really own term nowadays – VSEO.

Google Loves Online video – Apparently…

Although all we marketers can do is speculate, by making various tests and noticing what happens – because Google doesn’t publicly disclose almost all of their ranking formula standards – experts believe if you have online video on your page, you will get an additional search engine results brownie point or maybe more.

Which will helps your rankings.

Online video Marketing does not have to be expensive

Online video Marketing does not have to be expensive. On the old days – sure, specially if you went the complete hog and shot on 35mm, with lights, multiple cameras, a sound recordist, hair, make-up, and a costly edit, with possibly even some movement and special effects, made by rows of mac boffins – oh – and a pioneering score – then, yes. It was, and still is, a lot of money to make films.

Advertising companies regularly spend a lot of consumer money making them expensive television set commercials, costing in to the millions sometimes – require days, there is an alternative.

Nowadays, even bootstrappers and SMEs can manage video marketing.

YouTube online video quality is improving, but right now, footage filmed with an iPhone on a 2 -megapixel camera is still correctly acceptable – though this of course will depend on your market, what you’re selling, and who it’s for.

Message over Medium

Your valuable and traditional content, that has a message, or delivers information – is way more important than the camera quality.

Just to illustrate: Cell phone video footage is often broadcast on the global tv set news, if some person at the right place and the right moment got an exclusive part of footage of an important event that the network news crews don’t capture, with all their fancy equipment.

The point is: If you need to hook up with customers with online video marketing, over-producing your online video may actually have the opposite effect on your customers.

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