The White Dress Shirt: Dominate Your Environment

Prior to getting dressed ask yourself- are you a bad guy, or are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Whenever men get along, whether it be business or social, they are likely to quickly implement a hierarchical structure based on rank, status and specialist. In this structure, the most dominant male, more often than not, sits down atop the chain of command and gains helpful treatment in a few form or another. camisa social masculina

Throughout history predicting dominance has been key in order to build the alpha male. While assault was readily available in the arsenal of men yesteryear, in more recent times exuding prominence has taken a more subtle and nuanced form. Namely, by wearing a high quality, white dress shirt. 

Tracing back to the Victorian era, the white dress shirt has been unrivaled in conditions to be a symbol of class, status and sociable distinction. 200 in years past, the white dress shirt instructed respect through its uniqueness for the upper course. After all, only the wealthy could afford to wash their white clothing frequently enough to be pristine. This class split was perpetuated when the term “white collar” was coined 100 years later, reserving white collar dress shirts for managerial and clerical functions.

Today, even as businesses becomes more casual, “power dressing” is alive and well. The white dress shirt remains the staple of politics figureheads, royalty and star-powered executives. Sober masculinity is projected through the color white, the color of perfection, as well as through detachable collar keeps which not only prevent a shirt collar from curling, but also reduce the chances of a downward gaze, a sure sign of inferiority.

Naturally, the white dress shirt is not some type of magic elixir, but it can help in changing your life around. Scientific studies conducted in the last few decades, have uncovered a correlation between self confidence and success due to an individual’s ability to conquer fear and self-doubt. Beating fear creates new opportunity, whether it is in personal relationships, businesses or even attaining smaller daily goals; this in convert boosts self-confidence and dog breeds a cycle for success.

Confidence in return, is very heavily associated with appearance and clothing. Professor Karen Pinus radiata, a researcher from the University of Hertfordshire sets out in her book Head What You Wear, that clothing influences someone’s mental processes and perceptions. And ultimately, what you wear could discern how comfortable you feel about yourself.

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