The Naked Truth About Errors and Omissions Insurance in the World of Indie Film Distribution

Mistakes and Omissions Insurance (E & O Insurance) is something every movie developer needs if they want to sign a movie distribution deal. errors and omissions insurance calgary

I’m not an entertainment legal professional or insurance salesperson, but Mistakes and Omissions Insurance shields you and the movie distributor you sign a deal with from different lawsuits common in the entertainment business.

Such as accusations of breach of deal, copyright infringement, defamation or degrading of products (showing trademarks on camera), intrusion of privacy, infringement on title, slogan and tons of other nasty legal salvos.

It’s an insurance policy that protects a show producer and movie distributor’s ass in the course of doing business in the entertainment industry. 

Errors and Omissions Insurance doesn’t deal with the creative side of making movies, so lots of times some indie movie producers don’t policy for it in their movie finances.

But if you wish to trade your show to a show distributor you’ll have to learn what it’s all about at some point.

That’s unless you’re movie distribution plan is using your own blog to sell digital downloads or DVDs online or striking the streets with clones in the trunk of your hybrid vehicle.

I understand more than a few indie filmmakers which make reasonable money selling movies that way without ever having to worry about the expense of an Errors and Absences Insurance.

I respect their energy and push to get out there to sell their movies immediately online or in person through all sorts of ways. That’s a post on self-distribution left another day.

The Catch-22 with Errors and Omissions Insurance has to do with dealing with movie vendors.
Every distribution deal coproducer Tim “Timbo” Beachum and I have been affiliated with from selling indie videos to reality programs has involved E & To Insurance.

After you complete your movie odds are you’re going to want to land meaningful division because of it.
That means working with a movie supplier to get released by mainstream retail outlets locally and internationally in every medium possible.

Movie syndication deals for indie movie theater usually happen two ways. A movie is processed through security at different film celebrations, gets the attention of distributor and a film distribution agreement is offered to acquire the protection under the law or an offer is made to purchase the movie rights outright.

Or perhaps you omit the film festival routine and contact movie vendors directly with a screener and your other advertisements like artwork etc. In the event that they like what they view a distribution agreement is sent your way to consider.

By now the euphoria of making a show has faded. You aren’t now dealing with the business of getting movies. You have film investors you have to pay back again with interest.

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