Promotional T Shirts, Printing Methods Explained for Promotional T Shirts

I possess had many of my customers ask me why we print their products using different methods at different times.

This is a valid question and then for the sake of training the bigger masses and for those that want I will outline the difference between your printing process and how they could apply to your project. Right now there are generally four producing methods, they are really screen impress, heat transfer press, and embroidery “well this is not really printing but I place it there as you still need to place a picture on a t shirt”. The final and the latest technology is direct to garment. This technique can produce some fantastic high res photo taking printing but it is at a cost. make your own t shirt

Display screen creating

Screen printing is most likely the most used method of printing promotional tshirts, the set up process is comparable to offset traditional producing methods where you need to provide your images in to separable shade files, for example if you have a four colour file you need to deliver a CMYK data file that this print production stable can break each color down and isolate them from the other person creating, four separate print images, one for the cyan shade, one for magenta and one each for the yellow and K being black or grey size. 

Given that the CMYK files have been segregated a separate screen is produced for every single colour in total four screens a C screen, M display, and one each for the Y and E screens. So each shade has its own independent screen. Following your screens have been produced and have been quality tested and adjustments have been made they are really mounted on to the screen printing press were each colour is aligned to another using registration marks on the screens. What this means is that each color is printed separately on the promotional Tee tee shirt. Now that the displays have been set and have been tested we can commence the printing images the t shirts.

Found in summarising screen printing we note that there is quite somewhat of set up work to be done, you need to allow a hefty lead time for the turnaround of the promotional T t-shirts, also as the set up process is so rigorous there is a considerable cost involved about seventy dollars to $150 per shade so in a four colour print it would be between $280 and $600 with regards to the print, and you have yet to print one good marketing T shirt.

The good thing is that the set up is the most costly part of the display screen printing process and from now on each golf tee shirt is at a minimal price. In conclusion, display screen printing is the best process for producing large amounts of promotional Capital t shirts, a minimum order of a few 100 and upwards.

Heat Press

Printing Promotional t t-shirts with heat transfers requires the digital reproduction of a heat transfer image on to specially covered paper that is then reversed printed and temperature pressed onto the promotional capital t shirt.

The features of printing photos t shirts with heat up transfer are that it is conducive to brief runs. One example is it is possible and cost effective to make as little as one promotional tee tee shirt. Therefore if you need only a few tshirts this is the method to be used, however this process comes with a huge restriction, you can only print on white t shirts, now you may feel that that is not real good but considering over 80% of promotional t shirts that are printed white the alternative is not that bad.


? nternet site previously stated in the introduction of this post embroidery is very not a printing process but fundamentally you are inserting an image onto a promotional t shirt, therefore i have decided to include it, if for absolutely nothing more than clarifying the process used to blazon promotional t shirts.

In a very simple description embroidery involves re scanning service the image in to a stitch pattern or more so this makes a digital stitching map for the embroidery machine to follow. Among the limitations of embroidery is the simple fact it is merely conducive to stitching smallish images such as a logo on the breasts pocket of the golf tee shirt or a golf club emblem on the outter of the polo shirt.

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