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Wale is back and this individual is hungry for his label. His recently lowered his mixtape, More Regarding Nothing, has become a front-runner in the number of for downloading which accounts to higher than a hundred thousand in less than 90 minutes. That is truly an spirit booster for the POWER rapper but he still wanted to take it in return to his roots.

Wale is known for his most seriously acclaimed mixtape entitled Mixtape About Nothing (2008) and a LP Add (2009). With the release of his latest mixtape, he could be trying to prove him or her self for all his fans also to the doubters. He desires to define himself amongst a lot of music artists who try to transform themselves. He added that folks do not know who Wale was, but today he can introducing himself. 

The mixtape includes “The MC”, which he feels the strongest song that leaves the listeners the feeling as though it is a live show. Wale shows that the song identifies him and that it will be used for a lot of years to come. Another lower from the “The Friends’ n’ Strangers”, which shares about his personal romantic relationship with friends in the industry and a girl years ago.

On the other hand, Trae Tha Truth is gearing up for his LP permitted Tha Truth. But before the much anticipated proper LP, he is offering a mixtape to all his fans. He just finished his latest Aren’t Ban Tha Truth.

An additional MC who has something to offer to all or any his fans is Fabolous. This individual releases his EP Burial Service: There Is Not any Competition 2 with 3 featured latest music trails namely “Lights Out, very well “You Be Killin’ ‘Em” and “Body Count”.

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