Leather: A Key Trend for Men in 2013

In the event that there’s one fabric that never seems to go out of style, is actually leather. From classic motorcycle jackets and leather satchels to more daring leather trousers, leather always shows its stylish head on the catwalk and on the street. Best Leather Satchel

In 2013, leather has quickly advanced from a timeless fashion fallback to a key men’s clothing trend of the year. If you wish to get in on popular, there are plenty of different ways to make leather work for you. 

The simplest and many time-honoured way to wear this enduring fabric is in the form of a leather jacket. The battling status of the leather jacket has been fortified in many films, from James Dean’s classic slice in 1955’s Rebel With out a Cause to the many red ones wore by Brad Pitt in 1999’s Fight Club.

This styles haven’t veered beyond the boundary from the mould. Motor biker jackets are still typically solid black, with an asymmetrical zip and pouches on either side. Several variations may offer extra details, like patterned sewing at the shoulders or cuffs. But in basic, leather jackets look just as stylish worn over jeans and a white t-shirt in 2013 as they were doing in 1955.

If you’re after having a modern angle on this classic style, seek out a brownish leather jacket with a ribbed fabric waist and three-quarter sleeves. This style particularly suits slim men who might otherwise be swamped by the rectangular proportions of a traditional style. A tailored clothing with leather elbow areas is yet another great way to sneak leather into a modern-day formal attire.

Alternatively, for outerwear gowns less biker gang plus more fighter pilot, look for a style with a sheepskin collar and cuffs. Sheepskin is yet another key trend for 2013, and combining it with leather is the ideal way to fuse two fashion must-haves this yr.

More ways to wear leather

Naturally, men’s leather jackets aren’t the only way to wear this vintage fabric. Leather tops, for instance, are a quick and simple way to join the trend, and appear great worn with denim jeans and smart shoes to a bar or restaurant. And if you’re sense brave, it’s never recently been an improved a chance to wear leather trousers. If you choose to take the plunge, it’s a good idea to travel all in: leather slacks look their best when they’re matched with a leather jacket. Wear with a simple Merino constructed from wool jumper for a complex look, or a graphic shirt for an outfit that stands out from the crowd.

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