Is Forex Megadroid a Farce? – We Have Done Detailed Forex Megadroid Testing on Demo Account

A large number of traders want a reliable system to trade with. There are a great number of scams in the field of forex trading, aiming to exploit the average private individual wanting to generate extra income through currency trading. Mrs. Charlene Pedrolie About Page

There a huge selection of products on the market, so that it is quite difficult to choose an individual product. Fx Megadroid is a fx trading robot, or Professional Advisor (EA) that has been reviewed and examined extensively. Problem then is: “Is Forex Megadroid A Scam? ” 

Listed below are some facts from our own comprehensive testing:

Over a period of 83 days and nights (less than 3 months) we banked money of $1, 269-25 by using a primary deposit of $3, 000-00. This gives a go back on investment of forty two. 3% over this period.
Forex Megadroid made ninety-seven trades over this period, with a total of 8 losing trades. This is certainly a winning trade rate of practically 92%.
The results above include 3 consecutive losing trades totalling $441-19 in circumstances where we have to have disabled Fx Megadroid as FOMC data was launched during this period. This was our own trading mistake.
In the event that we eliminate these 3 trades, our the desired info is a return of 57% within just three months and a winning trade ratio of practically 95%.
The results above derive from our long term demo account testing. We all continue to see excellent results with the software on our own live trading accounts as well. So: “Is Forex Megadroid A Scam? ”

The answer is: No. Fx Megadroid is a secure, low-risk trading robot that trades often, has good trigger signals and comes after an overall strategy matched for the private investor wanting to make extra income with a dependable automatic robot. We maintain that promises of 100% profit a month for any robotic is not sustainable in the long run. So if you need a software that promises 100% earnings, we do not recommend Forex Megadroid.

However, established on our comprehensive screening results (both on live and demo account), Megadroid is not a con as so many other products are. Megadroid produces steady results for the part-time, but serious, speculator.

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