Increase Your Touch Typing Speed With These Simple Tips

Feel typing has become an essential life skill that the earlier you learn it the better you get as the many years movement pass. Although many people such as myself, have learnt to touch type on their own therefore lack the knowledge of basic key pad skills needed to type faster. typist course

This article is aimed for folks like you and me that mastered to type fast after years of practice without the “real” guidance. 

#Tip you: Using all ten hands

One of the first things that touch writing tutors teach you is how to use all ten fingers. Basically you have to put you still left hand fingers on the, S i9000, D, F and the thumb on the room club then place your right hand fingers on T, K, J, H and the thumb on the space bar. This is the recommend finger “stance” you should use to get started on typing with all five fingers.

#Tip 2: Simply no looking

The less you look to your computer keyboard the faster you will type. Right now you need to understand where are all the characters on your keyboard so try not to look to your keyboard while typing focus only on the screen. The less you look the faster you will become.

#Tip 3: Cover your hands

Receiving the hook from idea second seed. In order to avoid looking while typing try to cover your hands with a piece of cardboard field. I’ve learnt this from Englishtype a touch keying in tutor aimed for all ages. More regarding it later.

With your hands protected get a text from a magazine, newspaper or anything of choice and copy it. Practice like this once or twice a week and you will notice that every time you will complete it a bit faster.

#Tip 4: Simply no Looking 2

Using the same principles from Ideas 2 and 3. Covers the hands and get a printed text. The Test now is to type by only taking a look at the published document. Make an efforts to check only after you completed typing a paragraph.

Again practice this technique a couple of times of week and try to keep a record of the typos. The goal is to get zero typos as you progress and off course increase your acceleration.

I love to time myself when I accomplish this.

#Tip 5: Games

Online video games are a fun way to increase your speed. There are specific games from typing instructors there was designed specifically to help individuals increase their typing speed. But regular computer games also help because you need to use a determined place of keys and you can’t keep looking at the keyboard otherwise you conclude getting shot, ramming or losing what game you are playing. Sometimes though most games simply need you to use a determined pair of tips they help you memorise their locations without looking.

#Tip 6: Instructors

Consider by using a touch typing guitar tutor. Nowadays you will find instructors for different age types. I’ve mentioned Englishtype recently and that is a good example of a software aimed for different ages. It has a junior and senior version; each version has a different pair of words, text messaging and games.

#Tip six: Speed Booster gadgets

These programs help you identify your slowest keys and give attention to them for much more practice as well as teach you how typing combinations of letters quickly increases your speed.

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