How to Update Spice MI 300 to Android 3.0 Gingerbread

The Spice MI 300 is one of the Google android phones that were developed to reduce the expense of buying highly rated Android telephones from major phone manufacturers. Unfortunately the Spice LA 300 comes in only a 2. 2 Google android platform, but if you follows a couple of steps, the phone can be converted into an Android 4. 0 Gingerbread. There are numerous methods that are available for one to use in in an attempt to upgrade the Tart MI 300 supplied by different vendors, but as a precaution it is necessary to back up all data recorded in the cellphone before proceeding to up grade the system, you should also know how to reestablish the info to the mobile phone in case something should go wrong. Apart from the risk of losing data one will lose their warrantee in upgrading the phone although the changing process is quite cheap, one must be ready to reduce their warranty. This kind of means that if one opts to take the danger, one should follow the steps directed at the notice. Android Firmware

The first thing that you should look into is the device that will be used to upgrade the phone. One will need to have the device, obviously. A PC that is linked top the internet and loaded with a solid antivirus is also very useful. In addition one will desire a secure interconnection between the PC and the phone, usually provided by a data wire. 

Making use of the gingerbread Cyanogens method is one of the most popular methods of changing the phone and the first requirements that the ROM of vendor should land on the eclair 2. 1 operating system. If one is not on the operating system, reports of power on and network connectivity have been recorded.

One is then expected to underlying their phone with help from the Z4Root; a long lasting rooting is more preferred over a momentary rooting. A single should then ensure data connectivity of the telephone to prevent the software from downloading extra components.

The next phase is to use a RANGE OF MOTION manager that may be acquired from the Google marketplace and then install the ClockworkMod restoration 2. 5. 1. 3 version. You can then down load the Cyanogens mod for the Spice MI three hundred and check out copy the downloaded file in the phone’s Sdcard. One also needs to download the Google programs and replicate them on the cell phones SD card.

Using the phone, you can start the ROM management procedure and select the ‘reboot in recovery’ option. You need to then enter the ClockworkMod as of this juncture and then use the power button on the product to go again. The nest step to take is to ‘factory reset’ the device to remove all files that are eclair build.

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