How To: Multiple Twitter Accounts on Droid

? nternet site get more in tune with Twitter and all the goodness that this provides I’ve been more and more enthusiastic about having it with me out and about. After using the Standard Twitter App for Droid without the issues for a while for one bank account that covers a few of my sites I actually started up the second, more personal, Twitter account. We tried out a few software and found the one that works really, really well at handling multiple Myspace accounts on the Droid. Twitter Auctions

If you’re buying good one search the Droid Market for an iphone app called Seesmic. This really is a free software that is, in my opinion, very slick. Besides it easily handle the standard Twitter functions like your stream, response, Retweets and Direct Emails it also will do a ton more. 

The main setup is very easy and only needs a minute. Basically download the app, install on your Droid and login with one of your Forums accounts. Once you have got the first one in there 2 several weeks. simple matter to add more. From the key display hit Menu> Accounts> Menu> Put Accounts. That’s it.

The accounts are laid away in a very simple list style screen which makes it easy to switch quickly between them. The account screen will look pretty familiar and sports an intuitive structure with tabs at the top for Timeline, Acknowledgement, Messages and Profile. The Profile tab offers a huge amount of info and access to your followers, who you follow, retweets and more. Easy, guaranteed smooth.

The menu offers a load of different ways to customize the display. You can choose the quantity of message in your time and energy lines and the textual content size as well. The software will remember the position of exactly where you left off in the timeline if you aren’t scrolling though as well. You will discover the normal options for alerts, ring colors, notifications, plus more.

As considerably as photographs and videos Seesmic is all established for the New Twits with quick integration with YouTube and image controlling sites like Twitpic, yFrog and more. URL reducing is also handled right inside as well with the key players for the reason that field.

Seesmic is just about an all in one Twits iphone app for your Droid that gives you the capacity to handle multiple Tweets accounts and make the almost all of the complete experience. We have been utilizing it for quite a while now and find it to be among the finest software that I’ve found so significantly!

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