Hammock Pleasures – The Perfect Summer Drink

In these hot summer days and nights there is nothing better than relaxing in your hammock with a chilly, refreshing beverage in your hand. Check out these quick drink ideas for making your afternoons incredibly comfortable.

Berry Lemonade

you. Prepare your selected lemonade combine, or if you like, make fresh lemonade from scratch.
2. Add .5 cups of your chosen fruits to the lemonade.
3. Pour into blender, combine until smooth. Add snow if desired for a slushy lemonade drink.


4. Garnish with a few berries on top.
5. Kick your feet up in your beautiful hammock and enjoy. Gin Tonic

Watermelon Slush

1 ) Place snow cubes in blender to crush the ice.
installation payments on your Add more 3 cups of melon. Add other berries or fruit, if desired, for variety.
3. Sweeten with sugar, honey, or your chosen sugar substitute (example: Splenda to cut back on calories).
4. Serve immediately while being placed in your hammock. 

Fresh Berry Iced Tea

1. Prepare sun tea. Use a huge clear box (preferably glass), fill with water, add tea carrier (1 bag for brighter tea and 2 luggage for more robust tea), and set out in sunshine to brew. Keep an eye on it; try not to over produce the tea.
2. Cool the tea.
3. Put your selected berries (raspberries, bananas, and so forth ) and tea to a blender. Blend until soft.
4. Serve over snow. Watch the sunset from your hammock with your refreshing iced tea.

Producing cool, refreshing beverages for those hot summer days and nights is fun and easy. Use your imagination to produce something your taste sprouts will like. Enjoy the summertime from your hammock with a tasty drink in your hand.

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