Gratitude: La Deuxieme Partie

“We can only be said to be alive in those occasions when our hearts are aware about our treasures. ” – Thornton Wilder

I am ever before mindful of the undercover river of gratitude that runs through my center and permits me to reflect and be mindful and aware of all the blessings in my life – even during the worst of times. From the tender is merely a sampling of some of the many things I’m grateful for: deals

Sprungli’s famous Luxemburgerli Macaroons – that little melt-in-your-mouth élysée I sampled (some would say “gorged” on) while visiting my daughter in Switzerland come early july. 

Sucre, a sweet boutique in Fresh Orleans that acts as my stand in once i need to meet my macaroon fix and soaring to Zurich for a box of delight seems somewhat over the top.

My Siamese cat Sasha, rescued from the neighborhood H. P. C. A. one Christmas by my spouse, with her startling green and slightly crossed sight, and annoying habit of jumping on my clapboard and rubbing her face against my pen when I’m trying to write.

Four, count ’em four beautiful, amazing, unique, life-affirming grandchildren who range in age from 3-1/2 years to 4 months.

Medical professional. Syed Ahmad and his entire pancreatic islet cellular transplant team at the University of Cincinnati University or college Hospital where I commemorated turning 53 this previous December.

Dr. Syed Ahmad great entire pancreatic islet cell transplant team at the University of Cincinnati oh. University where I recognized turning 53 this earlier December.

The birthday present I gave myself this past year that arrived wrapped up in the soul of a doctor with skilled hands, a kind heart, and stimulating humility, who worked his magic for ten long hours to give me personally my life back. Nowadays that’s a surprise you refuses to find online or in any catalog!

My hairdresser, who keeps my ever-greying locks that just-right color of auburn. I possess her on speed dial.

Ladies who challenge, inspire and lift me up on a daily basis. C’mon females – you understand who you are!

To be able to do my great work, work that feeds my soul and gives true meaning to my life by allowing me to act as a catalyst for midlife career women.

A second chance to stand on the Khumbu Icefall on the inclines of Mt. Everest or onstage at an ALLEN Conference.

All the Players I’ve reached know through the Facebook close acquaintances “Life After Pancreas” created by one of my perfect favorite Sheroes, Erin Raney. The women, men, and yes, children kick bottom on so many levels as they continue to fight to be healthy and whole when so numerous others would simply give up. They can be my second family.

A husband and family who stood by me Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Through every conceivable challenge an health issues threw at me (at all of us, really) within the past eight years.

Being alive! Also when it hurt like hell, and especially now that it will not.
What are you grateful for? Who have are you grateful to? Start your own riv of thanksgiving here, right now. Share your honor and revel in the joy penalized conscious of your treasures. Soon we will be thankful if you do…

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