Going Green By Shaving Straight – Four Alternatives To Disposable Plastic Razors and Cartridges

You will discover something that unites men of nationalities, colors, religions and sexual preferences; something as basic to our innate code as our desire to avoid yard work – most of us grow facial foundation hair. For the the greater part individuals who want to remove it without having a poor impact on our fragile planet, this article was written for you. https://www.razorwang.com/cheap-disposable-womens-razors-bulk

A Close Shave Pertaining to Mother Earth

Few men will argue that trimming with disposable razors (either the plastic “throw away” variety or those with disposable cartridges) isn’t bad for the environment. The approximately 68 million men in the USA by itself using plastic disposable razors produce waste that utilizes an astounding 34, 1000, 000 cubic feet of space. Which does not include the space used up by shaving cream cans and the packing for all that clear plastic. Much of this waste materials is not recycled and leads to landfills or is dumped into our oceans. Nevertheless the news gets worse – each clear plastic razor or cartridge requires fuel (primarily oil) to both manufacture the item itself and power the machinery that produces them. Throw into the combine the toxic chemicals which are either used in, or are waste products of, the manufacturing process, and the business of making, using and getting rid of plastic razors becomes nasty indeed. 

The Very high cost Hair Removal

A 100 yrs ago, you could get a barbershop shave and a haircut for “two bits” (25 cents). Certainly not anymore. Today, the price tag on all of that plastic, packaging and the advertising dollars spent to compliment the industry, really accumulates. And the cost is passed onto the consumer. In a single yr, the razors, cartridges and shaving gels/creams that you will need to take care of face smooth will cost you, normally, around $225. This kind of cost can be even higher of you throw out your expensive cartridges at the first hint of dullness or rust. Pertaining to the sake of assessing this with other options, let’s assume that a man has an average of 68 shaving years over his lifetime; which each year, shaving with disposable razors will cost him $225. The cost of shaving with disposables over a lifetime: $15, 300.

To sum up, shaving with disposable razors is very expensive – both in your immediate costs which will only increase yearly, and in the damaged caused to our already stressed environment.

Alternatives To Plastic Throw away Razors

Hopefully at this point, you are ready to examine the alternatives to the plastics. Luckily, you do have options that can both cost you less money and decrease your “carbon footprint. inch

Solution #1: Permanent Hair laser removal With Electrolysis

About: The need to eliminate the burden of daily frizzy hair on your face removing is nothing new, but modern technology has made it more realistic and affordable than ever. The best known and a lot reliable treatment for all skin area colors and types is electrolysis. Around since the late 1800s (but significantly improved over time), electrolysis involves inserting a small needle into each frizzy hair follicle in its appearance and “zapping” the skin papilla with electric current. This renders that hair foillicle permanently incapable of assisting hair growth.

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