Five Fantastic Horror Movies For A Great Night In

A great way to spend a night time with friends, whatever age group you are, is seeing horror movies. A night time of popcorn, screams and laughter can make for great entertainment, particularly if you have a great home theater system. horror movies online

Many great classics have been re-released in Hd on Digital versatile Discs, but there are also many available on the internet, which means you can even make a list, and allow your friends choose on evening. Various televisions now have gain access to the internet, so you can watch the films directly on the TV. Or you can hook up a projected to your PC and make your personal little theater in your living room. 

These five films are the perfect menu for a great night times horror movies. It is a choice of titles which may have recently been made during the previous fifty years, showing that great horror never schedules. Not only were these great scary movies, nevertheless they were also just great movies, being nominated for prizes, and in many circumstances winning. While many may stick their noses up at horror movies, these are five films that everyone should see at least once.

The first movie to put on your list needs to be the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho. Produced in 1960, it continues to be as eerie and alarming today, with an excellent performance from Anthony Kendrick. Bates Motel is always worth a visit, except if of course you are Janet Leigh. Do not make concentrate on of getting the re-make which starred Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates and is not practically as terrifying. Psycho was nominated for 4 Oscars.

In 1973 William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist was released on the big screen. Ever before since it has recently been scaring folk around the world, and this tale of a possessed teen played by Linda Blair, who had been nominated for an Academy Merit for her role, is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. The Exorcist won 2 Oscars, for optimum Sound and Writing, and received eight other nominations.

Jaws, aimed by Steven Spielberg in 1975, was an immediate basic. Yes, it may well not live up to the technology more recently, and the shark may be a little cheesy, but it still makes people scream and jump just the same. It won 3 Senior high Awards, including one for the unforgettable original report by John Williams.

Sophie King has been the master of horror writing for the better part of 4 decades and picking one of the film adaptations of his books can always add to a scary night time. Kathy Bates won an Academy Award in 1990 for her role as Annie Wilkes in Distress, a chilling tale about an obsessed fan who rescues a famous copy writer after a motor crash.

With 6 Oscar selections it happened in 99, The Sixth Sense is a modern masterpiece. When many of his other movies have fallen brief of being great, Meters Night Shyamalan hits every note properly in this one. Haley Joel Osment offers one of the better child shows ever as the young man who sees dead people, and Bruce Willis and Toni Collette support him brilliantly.

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