Fictional Characters, Real Stereotypes

We all constantly fill our lives with entertainment, and we justify our obsession with escapism by convincing themselves that we’re not very damaging time but actually keeping “informed” or “in-touch. inch

We say we read newspapers, watch television news or F5 well known news sites to stay educated about the world around all of us. What we’re really doing is wasting time that may be spent on actually training ourselves or on another form of entertainment where we’re not fooling yourself into thinking it’s enhancing us as people. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Seldom does anything “new” actually happen in the world. Instead, the same type of pretty girl is murdered, anonymous children get kidnapped, two groups of folks continue to hate each other, a black man is executed, the candidate is a hypocrite, one stock falls as another rises, B-lists celebrities expire predictable deaths and significantly, much more of the same. We simply watch it to be interested by a story. 

The moment there is no genuine news – around the complete world – how can there be even one 24-hour news network, let alone influential ones? Mainly because news is now a type of entertainment. People think they’re getting smarter when they’re staying informed, but they’re being informed about something they already know.

My spouse and i say a similar thing about sociable networking sites – they’re only entertainment. I avoid dislike the mediums themselves, but I hate that folks feel that they’re sustaining some sort of relationship with another person when they’re reading the summary of an individual’s day or seeing pictures of the same people doing the same things.

These networks are a bit more than another marketing tool and someone else’s business (albeit an enterprise you enjoy hanging out in for hours). And unless you aren’t going to follow Invoice Hicks’ marketing advice, people should “devalue” these sites and use them as marketing tools. Why not? It’s not like these are socially redeeming corporations and nobody rides at no cost. Just like 24-hour information: “This continuous coverage of the BP oil leak — day45 of nothing at all else happening — helped bring to you by Dschungel Light. We’re all heading to die anyway, why not take action with a cold, refreshing Busch Light. Busch: Fresh as a mountain stream. inch

Therefore I have no problem using Facebook to not stay in touch with people; when I want to talk to someone and share a part of myself, Let myself use more than two sentences. Instead, I use Facebook in some weak attempt to promote my Hick book, penned by my fictional creation Rufus “Junior” Hickman Jr., someone who is not real, who has no friends, somebody who promotes everyone living a free of charge lifestyle impartial of the other person within a community, and his lifestyle is to be unshaven and usually black-eyed. Somebody who likes to get at the top of marijuana or smoke ditchweed out of spite.

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