Ethics Scandal Rocks the FIFA World Cup: 6 Members Banned

6 Committee Members Banned from Sport

Hot on the heels of the much disputed decision to choose Poland and Ukraine as the Euro 2012 co-hosts, FIFA is now embroiled in the hottest ethical scandal to rock the business in history. Recently, the Weekend Times reported that two high-ranking FIFA officials were reported to have recently been seeking payments for their bids on the 2018 and 2022 World Glass games. Following questionable options of Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) as approaching hosts, beating out Sydney and the United Claims, respectively, the investigation by the ethics committee of FIFA has revealed that this controversy went much deeper than previously expected. FIFA World Cup 2018 live

The FIFA Ethics Panel, under the direction of chairs from such countries as Switzerland, France, and Uruguay, decided that the actions of not simply two, but six, of FIFA’s highest soccer officials required banishment from the game and any related activity for up to four years. Also, these officials must pay fines in overabundance of of CHF 50, 1000, collectively. 

The two main culprits, Reynald Temarii, who may be FIFA’s vice president, and Amos Adamu, a TIMORE Executive Committee member, were banned for periods of one and three years, respectively, and assessed penalties of CHF 5, 1000 and CHF 10, 1000, respectively. Other members, including the Chairman of the FIFA DRC (Dispute Resolution), the General Secretary of the Tonga football relationship, and a member of the referees committee, were also banned for durations of three years with fines to each of CHF 10, 000. These kinds of six members were found to be guilty of breaching certain ethical specifications pertaining to FIFA’s Code of Ethics. These decisions followed a three-day reading in order to determine the damage done.

Before to these findings and decisions, the Ethics Table had already suspended Temarii and Adamu in order to conduct the research. The Ethics Committee then completed an in-depth analysis to determine the degree of actual harm and misconduct. They certainly found more than they bargained for. During the analysis, the six officials were officially suspended until the completion of the research.

In the course of investigations, the Ethics Panel could not find enough evidence to support owing violations of bid relationships as it pertains to the process and the choosing of the hosts; however, these officials were banned from the sport simply because there were ethical infringements, up to six infringements every official.

We will keep you updated on any further proceedings which may develop out of this controversy. For now, it seems that the black coals may finally be chilling.

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