Enjoy the Freedom of a VPS at a Fraction of the Cost

VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER or Virtual Private Hardware is similar to getting the own dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost. Many online businesses use VPS technology yo host their websites. The favorite choice of webmaster worldwide is the Linux platform due to its reliability and gratification. Apache VPS is primary of this article. cheap ssd server

VPS is basically your own online web hosting environment. When you will share one physical server to clients, there are less clients on a single VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER machine when compared with typical distributed web hosting. You will have root access which is a must for virtually any powerful website. Root gain access to will allow you full control over your hosting environment, including the capability to edit maximum performance time and memory limit of PHP scripts. this becomes especially important as your database grows and your website becomes more difficult in general. A process as simple as parsing a 10 MB XML file can not be done on shared computers due to their rigid limits enforced by the hosting company. 

With a VPS you get the same functionality of your dedicated server. However, since there are a couple of clients on each of your physical hardware, you only pay a fraction of the cost when compared with a dedicated machine. This makes VPS a good choice for growing companies or those who own several websites. You can even resell several of your extra server space to cover some or all the price tag on your VPS storage space.

Many companies offering VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER hosting will allow you unlimited domains, databases and disk space incorporated with their VPS packages. You should check each individual offer to see what is included.

As an owner of over 30 domains, the most economical and reliable VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER host I could find was ApacheVPS. I’ve recently been with them over 5 years and there have only been a couple of black outs. They also offer day-to-day tech support which is a rare find on VPS packages just $8. 95 per month.

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