Choosing The Right Pair of Ladies Boxing Gloves

As you think of boxing the key stereotype that springs into your head is of two largely built men fighting it out for a winner and definitely not of two women. Though recently women’s boxing is becoming substantially more popular, as more and more professionally held girl matches are drawing in large crowds and being publicized by the popular media. In fact the fight to make can certainly boxing a respected sport in its own right finally won its first real victory just 2 years ago in 2009 when the Olympic panel agreed to allow it into the 2012 video games. This win and the growing acceptance of can certainly boxing has brought a lot of enthusiasts away of hiding and into the competition rings, as more female boxers are picking up a match of gloves.

If if you’re one of those pondering of starting amateur boxing with desires for possibly rendering it to the advantages then you’re definitely selecting a good time to start, when you get started if you’re going to desire a good pair of females boxing gloves to help reduce damage to both hands and wrists. Choosing the right gloves is an important part of boxing, because the right fit is going to improve your punches and increase your swing speed. Invest some time to pick the most suited gloves please remember they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, weight, thicknesses and materials; also there are several types of gloves made specifically boxer’s of different ages and boxing classes. 

The main difference between men’s and females boxing gloves is basically the type; generally speaking female hands usually be smaller with slim fingers so they require smaller glove palm sizes and a lighter overall weight. The main weight ranges for females boxing gloves are 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and 14oz with the middle 10oz being the most popular standard for beginners. Here are the 2 main types of boxing gloves available at most equipment stores or online:

Training hand protection:

These gloves are specially suitable for reducing the impact of punching padded training equipment and sparring; they can weigh as much as 22oz though a lot of women feel more comfortable with those between 10oz to 14oz. Training gloves usually have a typical condition to them, with the basic rounded top which absorbs the impact over all of your hand. Alternatively there would be the heavy punch bag safety gloves which have selective extra padding surrounding each finger and the very best area of your hand as well as wrap around wrist strap for a tighter fit. Punch bag gloves usually tend to be heavier due to extra padding, but the latest types are made from durable lightweight froth that makes them feel extra light and much easier to move with.

Fighting safety gloves:

Otherwise known as competition gloves these come in either professional or amateurish versions depending on what class you’re in. That they are substantially lighter than training gloves permitting faster connects with your challenger and have extra support in high impact areas to get more protection during a fight. For the tighter and more secure fit most professional competition gloves can be tightened using abdomen rather then Velcro strap. You can even notice that these particular types of hand protection have sharper square sides and a flat cushioned area where the baseball glove makes contact with an opponent as opposed to the classic rounded top. On the whole both amateur and professional competition boxing safety gloves are almost identical and you will instantly identify a set by the patch of white included in the top which a referee or judge uses to rely contact points for each and every martial artist during a bout.

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