Big Hollywood Movie Gross Sales and the Publicity of Tragedy Considered

Maybe you recall back in the summer of 2012 there was a terrible firing at the premiere beginning night of the new Batman movie in Co. A gunman walked into the theater and started out opening fire wounding over 50 people and eradicating 12. The media marked it the worst firing in US history by a single gunman. The amount of psychological destruction not forgetting the physical combat is not going to easily be neglected. Interestingly enough, that Batman movie grossed over $161 million in the first weekend. Okay so why don’t we speak about this for second shall we? Hindi Dubbed Movies

Did the terrible events trigger a massive media blitz supporting that big Hollywood movie make more money? Even though it was a huge budgeted movie, and expected to do very well, I believe the tragic event and press coverage actually did help the movie earn more income. This kind of causes a dilemma with what we as People in the usa think is right. It can not that we may want Hollywood to generate profits on their movies, we want the industry to have success so they can keep bringing us even better movies in the future. 

Unfortunately such a sad event was rewarded at the office due to the media coverage which transpired. In many ok bye anti-violent movie advocates would say that we need less violence in videos to prevent future tragedies, but in this circumstance the tragedy became a symbiotic relationship with the amount of earnings attained by the industry. Which a problem, and is something we now have to deal with. The movie reviews were good, and since it was such a high-revenue grossing movie there will become actors and actresses succeed awards for their activities.

Will Hollywood be able to vote for their best-of-breed actors and stars who performed in that movie in good beliefs? Will the Academy Accolades consider the implication of pouring salt in the wounds of the patients by giving this movie “Best Picture” or imparting actors and actresses with best actor or best supporting role? That’s a tough call isn’t it?

Interestingly enough, the movie producers were hesitant on releasing the results for that first weekend because the movie grossed a whole lot money, at a time when the was in early morning, and the President of the United States experienced actually declared the red flags to be lowered for practically weekly to allow the country to cure and reflect on what had happened. Indeed I actually hope you will please consider this on a philosophical and psychological level, and think upon it.

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