Baseball Comes to Godalming

If however, you be driving along High seasons Road in Farncombe, Surrey, you will notice work is progressing on the building of a completely new hockey & softball precious stone on the grounds of Broadwater High School.

Broadwater is the new brand name a new Youth Baseball team called the Broadwater Bobcats & this will be the very first time that youngsters baseball & softball has been played in Surrey since 1991. Baseball is very much a community sport in the UK, which is a shame, as it has so aspects worth considering that make the game ideal for each and every age group & any ability or incapacity… Baseball in the us is very much a family sport, where Mummy, Dad & the youngsters will happily spend the trip to the game, whether it’s a Major Group fixture or their local Little League. albuquerque baseball lessons

The development of the Bobcats is based after the North american ethos great old created family fun & the club is targeting young people from 6-16 years of age & is also tailoring a softball system directed at all ages, so that the whole family can take part & enjoy yourself. 

The training of the youngsters is divide into 2 broad time ranges of 6-10 years & 11-16 yrs, but this does very much rely upon the physical size of the individuals worried, the key point is to have groups of players who are roughly similar in physical size – an important issue as there exists then no violence of smaller players by bigger ones.

New players joining the club are given a really informal introduction & then have the possibility to try out the game at their first four training sessions before they are anticipated to commit to joining the club – all equipment is provided by the club for practice sessions & it is hoped that as the youngters’ interest increases, they will want to buy their personal equipment & break it in to their own style – this is specifically true of the football glove.

As training moves along throughout the summertime season, the players can have possibility to play in friendly video games against other teams, but the driving principle in back of the club is for everyone to have fun & to relish the game for what it is – at this level it is all about enjoyment & playing the game in a laid back & safe environment.
Were working very closely with Broadwater High School to ensure that Baseball & Softball are integrated into the local sports activities & the school has been very supportive in our efforts. The school give a range of wearing activities in addition to baseball & have fantastic facilities such as completely equipped gymnasiums, sports entrée & full changing room & shower facilities. In addition to this, there is a qualified social golf club available to adult people of all the activities clubs.

2009 will see a range of new activities at Broadwater Discipline, such as Family “It’s a Knockout” Days, Snowboarding Exhibitions, Pitch & strike sessions for budding Girl Ruths to take on our mechanical pitching machine in the safety of your batting cage. There are also a number of sports activities activities being planned for local youngsters to join during the long Summer holiday seasons – so parents – keep an eye on your local press for details & banish the boredom!!!

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