Audi Car Market in India

With all the growth of the Native american car market, the success of Audi India, the maker of fine autos has also been growing. Audi has received an overwhelming reply from the Indian consumer since that time it is inception. Till date, Audi India has been recommended with five awards for its chic, luxurious and efficient cars. Audi S4 Sway bar

The sales figures for Audi in India have also recently been climbing up and up by the day. Two years ago itself, when recession had severely struck the car market, Audi had seen a three-fold rise. The car developer had sold off one particular, 050 units in 08 higher compared to 349 units that had been sold in 2007. The Indian sales volumes increased by 201 per cent. In revenge of the unfavorable market situation, Audi India has recorded discounts figures up by up to 230 per cent. 

In Apr, 2010, Audi India reported a 69 percent bounce in its sales at 189 units as resistant to the 112 units sold throughout the same period a yr ago. This coming year, the car maker looks at carrying on with to give attention to enhancing their customer service by taking in new cars to India and also by offer superior standards of service. Yet , the Apr figures sales already speak of the confidence that Indian car buyers have in the luxury brand.

What makes Audi among the top in the Indian car industry? A great athletic character, high-tech executive, and modern designs are carried in all Audi cars sold in India. The Audi A3, A4, A6, and A8 have their own marketplace within India. Together with the impressive supplier network in India, Audi has been successfully giving its footprints in every nook and corner of India since 2004. The tempting good looks, fun complexity, and revolutionary technology in Audi cars allures the rich and famous Indian buyers to their showrooms.

The Audi model range in India includes the Audi A4, A6, A8, Q5, Q7, TT, and the R8. Audi has in it the DNA of a champion and the booking of its cars even before their official launch in India stands as enough proof for the same. Audi is always one step higher when it comes to alluring the Indian car buyers. It is leading-edge technology and useful cars add greater quantity to the already high sales figures.

Believing in the core brand value ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, Audi looks at growing as the unbeaten premium brand in India in the coming years. It is believed that Audi India will be investing as much as Rs hundranittiotv? Crore for production of cars in India over the next 3 years. It has already began assembly of its autos within the country starting with the A6 being assembled at Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India.

Audi automobiles have reflected the objectives of the Indian market and have recently been accepted enthusiastically by consumers, thus fuelling it drive an automobile immediately towards the sphere of success.

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