Adorn Your Services With Enhancements and Watch Your Bookings Grow!

Strolling into a hotel room and locating a mint or flowers, aesthetically put on a pillow is something that has recently been seen and followed by hoteliers aplenty. As an hotelier looking for regular increase in sales & revenue, you are also on the lookout to keep boosting your services to serve your friends in an improved way. You need to up the ante by introducing ground breaking ideas and enhancements into your hotel services. Only one unique amenity can pass on the word of oral cavity and can get you media coverage. These innovations are your leeway to sell your hotel rooms in an improved way. When there is not a “one size fits all” approach to bettering a hotel, there are improvements that will help to increase guests’ overall comfort. Hoteliers can attract new guests and increase guest satisfaction by making significant changes to the property and amenities at their hotels. ed marshall jewelers

Should your hotel offers any added amenities or services such as free breakfast or evening h’or doeuvres, give the guest the information also stating that any added service will be chargeable as per your price module. Provide details about any special services that the hotel provides such as spa treatments, airport pickups, unlimited buffets, and any other extras and enhancements that your hotel is willing to offer at a little increase in cost. 

A variety of enhancements will keep your guests feeling pampered.

3. Go wireless. Access to the internet is something that everyone needs in today’s cyber age. Set up Wi-Fi connections to provide 100 percent internet gain access to from anywhere on your hotel property, including lounges, meeting rooms, guest rooms and banquet halls and so forth.

* Expand the hotel. Large properties can entice visitors in search of entertainment by offering a club with a boogie floor, restaurants or health spas as added facility amenities. Small hoteliers may consider adding bars and restaurants or a pool/jacuzzi to the property.

* Put services. Amenities such as babysitting or childcare services, spa services, butler services and indoor or heated up pools are attractive to guests. Equip rooms or the front desk with a safe-deposit box to offer guests added security for important documents and expensive jewelry.

* Give upgrades and online discount rates. Place include weekly rates and travel packages that provide tickets to local attractions such as theme parks, museums or restaurants. You can also include attractive honeymoon packages and added frills like pleasing the newlyweds with a bottle of sparkling wine beverages or champagne, chocolates and so forth Such improvements will assist in boosting your brand image and will eventually cause more earnings for you.

5. Increase concierge services. Have a leaf out of the books of larger luxury hotels and monitor the amenities that they feature and provide your guests with similar services. Add a tour desk or provide the front desk with reservation numbers for local attractions.

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